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Established in 1993, Al Mashal Group has developed into a strong and energetic organization in the Sultanate of Oman, having incorporated various companies and sectors into our portfolio, including real estate, facilities management, manpower supply, and automobile services.

Image by Adil Riyami



Mr. Khin Zaw

Managing Director


Our goal is to progress in the business and service sectors while keeping our ethical principles intact. Knowing that our proficiency in providing services to our local and international patrons ought to be done in a way that not only our group profits from it, but most significantly, our customers and the regions we function in.

Al Mashal

We are devoted to a policy of constant progress and refinement of every aspect of our operations. We strive to ensure the highest quality of our products and services, from selecting quality materials to competent manufacturing procedures.

Al Mashal

Al Mashal Group understands that the only way to succeed is by embracing change and progress, so we are always striving to reach for something better. We fearlessly take on new projects and industries, in order to become your reliable partners in the future.


All parts of the Group strive for the highest level of excellence and continuously raise the bar. Every action taken by the Group and its workers displays our dedication to excellence and ethical principles. We are continuously seeking for new ways to improve and to contribute to the world around us. This is why we are actively engaged in sustainable projects and endeavors that we consider to be essential to our mission.

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