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Al Mashal Group Oman

Advancing Careers

Al Mashal Group has been aiding in connecting businesses to suitable workers since 1993, offering a seamless and satisfying experience for both employers and job applicants. Our proficiency as employment experts is to recognize the requirements of businesses and applicants to ensure a perfect fit in terms of aptitude, proficiency, and character.

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30 Years of Excellence

Over the course of three decades, we have developed an expansive collection of potential hires. With our enormous network of candidates and associates, we can provide a comprehensive answer to all of your recruitment inquiries.


Strategic Partnership

MAY MANPOWER is a renowned recruitment firm that specializes in supplying Eldercare, Childcare, Caregiver and Domestic services in Singapore. They are the leading suppliers of migrant domestic workers in Singapore and have their own training facility in Myanmar, where their personnel are given two months of rigorous training prior to being dispatched. As a result, the staff they supply are known to be respectful, honest, and diligent.


Leaders in
Domestic Staff Recruitment

Our dependable domestic staff recruiters will provide you with the perfect help for your home. We guarantee you complete serenity of mind with our networks in Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Africa. We can supply you with trained housemaids, cleaners, drivers and gardeners.

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Professional Services

Hotel Maid
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Clothing Store Worker


Our services will assist you in locating experienced professionals from your chosen sector to fulfill your company's requirements. Simply furnish us with a list of credentials and abilities that you deem significant, in addition to the salary/incentives for the role and we will manage the rest.


We are here to make the recruitment process easier for you. Just let us know the job description and the kind of person you are looking for, and we will take it from there. We pre-interview every candidate to ensure that you have the perfect employee for your job. 


Our goal is to provide you with the most qualified personnel in your industry. Please tell us what your company is looking for and we'll handle the rest. We'll take the frustration out of the search for the perfect candidate and bring the ideal individual to you.

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